KR004: Fanu / Bill Laswell – Lodge


Format: CD / download

Release Date: march 28th 2008

The all-star line-up BILL LASWELL, FANU, BERNIE WORRELL, NILS PETTER MOLVAER and GRAHAM HAYNES fuse visionary jazz and contemporary drum & bass.

After the path-setting METHOD OF DEFIANCE album INAMORATA where he brought together cutting-edge drum&bass producers (Paradox, Enduser, Submerged, Black Sun Empire a.o.) and avantgarde / jazz masters such as John Zorn, Craig Taborn, Herbie Hancock or Toshinori Kondo the visionary, versatile pioneer LASWELL picked out some of his combatants for an audacious follow-up. Young finnish FANU’s syncopated rhythms and sharp breaks prove him the Art Blakey of drum&bass, his feverish beats are an ideal playground for Laswell’s growling, hard-driven yet funky bass attacks. NowJazz trumpet players NILS PETTER MOLVAER and GRAHAM HAYNES accentuate the album’s psychotic heat, while P-funk keyboard wizard BERNIE WORRELL takes care this meeting of musical masters called LOGDE is a solid weapon for the dance floor!

All titles and the ancient alchemist signs of the excellent artwork by John Brown refer to the fraternal organisations of freemasonry and their lodges.

Press quotes:

…new formulas for an urban BITCHES BREW …. a MegaRhythMachine! Bad Alchemy

… the atmosphere this time is way more jazzy, you have break-beat and classy fusion but also splinters of the post-Miles Davis era scattered all over the crime scene. Nils Peter Molvaer is a member of the crew as well as Bernie Worrell and Graham Haynes and with sailors like these you can bet the ship is gonna sail thru the warm water of modern black music … poor Miles, I’m sure he would have loved to be featured among the guests.