KR095: zeitkratzer – James Tenney

zeitkratzer – James Tenney

Format: 180gr LP

Release date: november 4th 2022

By zkr director REINHOLD FRIEDL’s personal request now available on vinyl for the first time: zeitkratzer’s critically acclaimed interpretations of groundbreaking compositions by JAMES TENNEY.

JAMES TENNEY (1934 – 2006) was a composer, music theorist and pioneer especially in the field of microtonal music, being an influential part of the so-called New York avantgarde scene (CAGE, FELDMAN). Besides his compositonal work, TENNY was teacher at various universities with students like CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE, CARL STONE or CATHERINE LAMB, and a close friend with ELIANE RADIGUE.
This album by zeitkratzer presents three compostions by TENNEY whose music has been part of zeitkratzer’s repertoire since their beginning:

# „Critical Band“ – TENNEY’s late classic – with maximum clarity and precision of bearing tone rhythms and microtonal tuning as light effect.

# the first recording of „Harmonium #2“.

Both works demonstrate the remarkable power and resplendent sharpness which TENNEY achieved with his microtonal settings.

# „Koan: Having Never Written A Note For Percussion“ (incl. in the download) is an orgiastic listening experience in the form of a huge crescendo on a tam-tam – from whispering to singing, culminating in shrill roaring and blustering – and it’s dark decay.
zeitkratzer’s approach to TENNEY’s music as a sensual sound adventure, finally available on vinyl!

A. Critical Band,
B. Harmonium #2,
DL only track: Koan: Having Never Written A Note For Percussion

Frank Gratkowski clarinet
Hayden Chisholm alto saxophone
Matt Davis trumpet
Hilary Jeffery trombone
Reinhold Friedl piano, e-bow
Maurice De Martin bowed marimba, tam-tam
Burkhard Schlothauer violin
Anton Lukoszevieze cello
Ulrich Phillipp double bass
Ralf Meinz sound

recorded live at Philharmonie Luxembourg, October 3rd 2009
mixed and mastered by Ralf Meinz and Reinhold Friedl
produced by Burkhard Schlothauer
executive producer: Reinhold Friedl
vinyl cut by Kassian Troyer at D&M, Berlin