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out on october 15th: AIDAN BAKER – Seeing Past What Things Seem

AIDAN BAKER – Seeing Past What Things SeemA

Format: tape / download

Release date: october 15th 2021

New album by Canadian multi-instrumentalist AIDAN BAKER and his first solo release for KARL after the critically acclaimed collaboration albums “Invisible Cities” and “Invisible Cities II”.

AIDAN BAKER is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist using the electric guitar as his primary instrument – applying alternate methods of playing the guitar, along with various electronic effects, the Berlin based artist creates music which generally falls within the ambient / experimental genre but draws on influences from (post-)rock, electronic, classical, and jazz.
A highly prolific artist, Baker has released numerous recorded works, both solo and with various group projects (NADJA, CAUDAL, NO PLACE TRIO, on such independent labels as GIZEH RECORDS,MIASMAH, IMPORTANT RECORDS, ALIEN8 RECORDINGS, and his own imprint, BROKEN SPINE PRODUCTIONS. Baker is also the author of several books of poetry. A regular live performer, Baker has toured extensively around the world, including appearances at such international festivals as FIMAV, SXSW, Incubate, Unsound, and Mutek, among others.
“Seeing Past What Things Seem” delivers four finely shaped ambient / drone pieces, crafted with electric guitar, bass, flute at BAKER’s home-recording studio in Berlin, the title referencing the American artist and author EVE BABITZ.

Recorded March 2021 at Broken Spine Studios, Berlin
Instrumentation: electric guitar, bass, flute
Titles paraphrased from Eve Babitz
Cover photo by Thomas Herbst

out on sept. 17th: ARASH AKBARI – Fragments Of Yearning

ARASH AKBARI – Fragments Of Yearning

Format: tape / download

Release date: september 17th 2021

After PORYA HATAMI and SABA ALIZADEH, we are excited to welcome the 3rd Iranian musician on KARL: the sound and new media artist ARASH AKBARI.

ARASH AKBARI is a musician, sound, and new-media artist, based in Tehran, Iran. His interest in dynamic art systems, human perception, nonlinear narrative, and the co-existence between physical and digital worlds compelled him to explore the fields of generative systems, interaction design, and real-time processing. He explores the relationship between human, technology, space, and the environment, and examines the ways interactive cybernetic systems, natural emergent behaviors, and phenomena can evoke meanings as well as social and emotional responses. Akbari directs his experimental practices into audio-visual performances and installations, interactive applications, and multisensory experiences.
His compositions investigate experimental approaches to sound generation, field recordings, acoustic instrumentation, digital synthesis, DSP, and noise to create immersive sonic environments that explore the agency of autonomous systems, indeterminacy, memory, and the perception of time and space.
His works have been exhibited in different festivals and exhibitions around the world, such as Athens Digital Arts Festival, Simultan Festival, New Media Fest, 3D Web Fest, Cinnamon Colomboscope, and Graphical Web Conference. He has released albums on Flaming Pines, Unknown Tone Records, Taalem, and Soft Recordings among numerous other labels.
“Fragments Of Yearning”, AKBARI’s latest solo work, is a finely crafted sonic journey into ambient soundscapes, centered around the topics of yearning, memory and humanity. In his own words:
“Some moments linger in us,
buried in time but molded the eternity.
The dusty echoes from the past,
yet are vividly unraveled.
The irreplaceable momentary fragments of being human.”

Composed, recorded, mixed by Arash Akbari (fall / winter 2020-2021)
Mastering by Lawrence English at Negative Space
Artwork by Arash Akbari
Layout and design by kaidoh

out on august 27th: KONSTRUKT feat. THURSTON MOORE – Turkish Belly


Format: 180gr LP with downlode card / download

Release date: july 10th 2021

The latest entry in the ongoing series of exciting collaborations sees the Turkish free form ensemble KONSTRUKT live on stage with THURSTON MOORE.

#5 in the continuing series of KONSTRUKT collaborations on KARL is a live document of the concert by the Turkish freeform group with THURSTON MOORE. KONSTRUKT, the Istanbul based free jazz / freeform group founded and led by UMUT ÇAĞLAR and KORHAN FUTACI, are known for their openness to and interest in collaborations – and regularly meet up and perform with new partners that range from JOE McPHEE, WILLIAM PARKER, AKIRA SAKATA, MARSHALL ALLEN, EVAN PARKER, ALEXANDER HAWKINS, KEN VANDERMARK or OTOMO YOSHIHIDE.
This latest release sees the quartet join forces with one of the indie rock icons: THURSTON MOORE, who besides his decade-long main band SONIC YOUTH always found time and inspiration for solo projects and collaborations of different kinds.
„Turkish Belly“, recorded live at SalonIKSV in Istanbul in february last year, is as adventurous and daring as one will expect from such a pairing and a highly rewarding experience for the fans of KONSTRUKT and those of MOORE alike.

Korhan Futacı: alto sax, flute, voice, loops
Umut Çağlar: electric guitar, synthesizer
Apostolos Sideris: electric bass, upright bass
Berkan Tilavel: drums
Thurston Moore: electric guitar
Recorded live at SalonIKSV (21.02.2020), Istanbul.
Mixed by Kıvılcım Konca.
Mastered + vinyl cut by Helmut Erler at D&M, Berlin.
Artwork concept by Umut Çağlar
layout by kaidoh