out on october 15th: AIDAN BAKER – Seeing Past What Things Seem

AIDAN BAKER – Seeing Past What Things SeemA

Format: tape / download

Release date: october 15th 2021


New album by Canadian multi-instrumentalist AIDAN BAKER and his first solo release for KARL after the critically acclaimed collaboration albums “Invisible Cities” and “Invisible Cities II”.

AIDAN BAKER is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist using the electric guitar as his primary instrument – applying alternate methods of playing the guitar, along with various electronic effects, the Berlin based artist creates music which generally falls within the ambient / experimental genre but draws on influences from (post-)rock, electronic, classical, and jazz.
A highly prolific artist, Baker has released numerous recorded works, both solo and with various group projects (NADJA, CAUDAL, NO PLACE TRIO et.al.), on such independent labels as GIZEH RECORDS,MIASMAH, IMPORTANT RECORDS, ALIEN8 RECORDINGS, and his own imprint, BROKEN SPINE PRODUCTIONS. Baker is also the author of several books of poetry. A regular live performer, Baker has toured extensively around the world, including appearances at such international festivals as FIMAV, SXSW, Incubate, Unsound, and Mutek, among others.
“Seeing Past What Things Seem” delivers four finely shaped ambient / drone pieces, crafted with electric guitar, bass, flute at BAKER’s home-recording studio in Berlin, the title referencing the American artist and author EVE BABITZ.

Recorded March 2021 at Broken Spine Studios, Berlin
Instrumentation: electric guitar, bass, flute
Titles paraphrased from Eve Babitz
Cover photo by Thomas Herbst