out now: KONSTRUKT + OTOMO YOSHIHIDE – Eastern Saga: Live At TUSK

Konstrukt + Otomo Yoshihide – Eastern Saga: Live At TUSK

Format: 180gr LP / download

Release date: august 28th 2020

Turkish free jazzers KONSTRUKT continue their series of exciting collaborations with OTOMO YOSHIHIDE, highly reputated multi-instrumentalist and composer in the experimental world.

# 4 in the continuing series of KONSTRUKT collaborations on KARL is a live document of the concert by the Turkish freeform group with the Japanese experimental musician OTOMO YOSHIHIDE from the TUSK FESTIVAL 2018. KONSTRUKT, the Istanbul based free jazz / freeeform group founded and led by UMUT ÇAĞLAR and KORHAN FUTACI, are known for their openness to and interest in collaborations – and regularly meet up and perform with new partners that range from OE McPHEE, WILLIAM PARKER, AKIRA SAKATA, MARSHALL ALLEN, EVAN PARKER, THURSTON MOORE, ALEXANDER HAWKINS or KEN VANDERMARK. This latest release sees the quintet join forces with OTOMO YOSHIHIDE who entered the scene in the 1990s with his group GROUND ZERO and his since worked in all fields of adventurous music, from EAI to improv to turntablism, modern composition, jazz and soundtrack, documented on labels like TZADIK or ERSTWHILE and featuring collaborateurs such as JIM O’ROURKE, JOHN ZORN, MERZBOW; BILL LASWELL and endless more …
„Eastern Saga: Live at Tusk” shows the multi-instrumentalist on his 2 key instruments guitar and turntables, while KONSTRUKT feature 2 drummers besides KORHAN FUTACI’s saxophone / flute , UMUT ÇAĞLAr on guitar, synth, double reeds, flutes and double bass player APOSTOLOS SIDERIS.
A furious gig, and a furious album! 

Korhan Futacı: alto saxophone, flute, loops
Umut Çağlar: guitar, synth, double reeds, flutes
Apostolos Sideris: double bass
Erdem Göymen: drums
Ediz Hafızoğlu: drums
Otomo Yoshihide: guitar, turntables

Recorded live at TUSK Festival by Sam Grant in Newcastle, UK, october 2018 www.tuskfestival.com

Mixed by Umut Çağlar in Istanbul.
Mastered by Anne Taegert at D&M, Berlin.
Cover painting „Absorpcja“ by Artur Trojanowski.

out now: BÉRANGÈRE MAXIMIN – Land of Waves


Format: 2x180gr LP / download

Release date: june 26th 2020

On her 6th album, the French electroacoustic composer BÉRANGÈRE MAXIMIN explores the idea of a kaleidoscopic world – a sonic aggregation of living creatures, plants, minerals, nature and buildings, using various sound objects, small percussions, synths, electric gui-tar, voice and electronics.

Working out of her private studio since 2008, BÉRANGÈRE MAXIMIN has developed her own ap-proach to sound art and electronic music, composing dense, immersive pieces with immediate im-pact. On five albums – released to critical acclaim on TZADIK, SUB ROSA, CRAMMED DISCS and CRAIG LEON’s ATLAS REALISATIONS label – she has revealed a taste for mixing disparate sounds together with a sense of detail, effusive, lyrical playings with the digital material and tight nuanced writing. BÉRANGÈRE MAXIMIN’s music engages the listener in consideration of space and textures, the sound ambivalence and its independence from its original source being at the center of her work.

During her career, the French composer has obtained commissions and residencies in National Music Research Centres such as Paris‘ Ina-GRM, Stockholm’s EMS and received a grant from the ‘Villa Medicis Hors Les Murs’ program in New York City (Cultures France). She has performed in notable festivals, venues and concert halls from Paris’ Présences Electronique festival, London’s Hayward gallery, NYC’s Roulette, Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie’s e-Phil series to major international festivals in Eastern Europe. Beside her solo performances, she also regularly shares the stage in duo with FRED FRITH.

“Land of Waves”: three words evoking territories of plains and curves connected with each other by canals, footpaths, tunnels. The four parts of the album lead the listener into a hybrid land where the jungle meets the city … a succession of reliefs, surfaces, textures, layers create a large mosaic as if on a concrete wall which seems solid and definitive but is in fact penetrable, alterable.

For “Land of Waves”, BÉRANGÈRE MAXIMIN took inspiration from recordings she did in various city parks, abandoned properties and limits with the suburbs during her travels in Europe, the di-versity of sources, the variations of events and the contrasts between day and night they offered, and reinterpreted them in the studio.

Past press:
“Maximin’s cinematic soundworks are discomforting reminders that the universe does not at all belong to us.” The Wire

“It feels like the world is turning inside Maximin’s songs now, and the resulting gravity has the weight of nature on its side.“ Pitchfork

“It calls for deep listening due to so many beautiful moments appearing out of the mixes which could be missed on a quick blast on a PC.” The Quietus

“Incorruptibly leathern and sparklingly tenacious” Spex Magazine

Recorded, composed, arranged, mixed and produced by Bérangère Maximin at the Home Sweet Home Studio/BM and Studio Polyphone, France, 2019/2020.
Sound objects, small percussions, analog and digital synths, guitar, digital chimeras, voice.
* Recomposed and mixed by B.M. featuring Fred Frith (electric guitar) and B.M, Colin Johnco, Kirikoo Des and Roméo Poirier as Swibekico Quartet (electronics).
Mastered by Kassian Troyer at D&M, Berlin, 2020.  

out now: die ANGEL – Utopien I

die ANGEL – Utopien I

Format: 180gr LP / download

Release date: april 24th 2020

die ANGEL, the duo project of ILPO VÄISÄNEN (ex-PAN SONIC) & DIRK DRESSELHAUS aka SCHNEIDER TM, starts its 3rd decade of sonic explorations with the release of album #10 which bears the programmatic title “Utopien I”.180g LP and DL on KARL.

die ANGEL (or just ANGEL in the early days) was born in 1999 during a joint European tour of PAN SONIC and SCHNEIDER TM with the aim to use electronics, string instruments and effect loops to develop a sonic world that goes beyond fixed structures and clearly defined genres. Coming from different musical backgrounds proved quite an advantage for the duo as it meant that ILPO VÄISÄNEN (ex-PAN SONIC) & DIRK DRESSELHAUS (SCHNEIDER TM) had to find their particular modus operandi: communication through noise and action, instant composition, spirit.
Over the course of over 2 decades now, die ANGEL crafted a catalogue of 9 albums released on labels like EDITIONS MEGO or EDITION TELEMARK that were recordings of either the core duo or featured like-minded artists like cellist HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR, OREN AMBARCHI, LUCIO CAPECE or BJ NILSEN. die ANGEL delve deep into the microcosms of tones, shaping nuanced layers of abstract sound that integrate elements of Musique Concrète, Minimal Music, Industrial, Noise, Blues and Psychedelia, and yet bear the unmistakable die ANGEL signature.
“Utopien I” is not only the duo’s latest effort (feat. OREN AMBARCHI) but also a clear political call: in a world of a general decline, we need new ideas and approaches to design the future. 

All tracks performed & recorded December 2015 – January 2016
by Ilpo Väisänen & Dirk Dresselhaus at ZONE, Berlin
Overdubs on ‚Cargo Cult’ by Oren Ambarchi (Milano, Italy) April – May 2016
Edited & mixed by Dirk Dresselhaus May 2016 at ZONE, Berlin
Mastered by Helmut Erler at D&M, Berlin, December 2019

Ilpo Väisänen : electronics & effects
Dirk Dresselhaus : electric guitar & effects
Oren Ambarchi : electric guitar & effects

out now: GIULIO ALDINUCCI – Shards Of Distant Times

GIULIO ALDINUCCI – Shards Of Distant Times

Format: 180gr LP / CD / download

Release date: march 27th 2020

Italian sound artist GIULIO ALDINUCCI returns with his 3rd album on KARL: “Shards Of Distant Times” is again a truly masterfully composed and sound-designed ambient masterpiece and a more than worthy follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Borders And Ruins” (2017) and “Disappearing In A Mirror” (2018) which both made it onto several year’s best lists.

Over the course of six solo albums on labels like DRONARIVM plus EPs and collaborative albums (a.o. with IAN HAWGOOD), GIULIO ALDINUCCI successively has been refining his skills as composer and sound designer. His elegant style which blends ambient and field recordings came to full impact on his previous KARL albums “Borders And Ruins” and “Disappearing In A Mirror” which gained the Italian sound artist a lot of critical praise and made it onto several year’s best lists, a.o. Acloserlisten.com. ALDINUCCI’s latest effort is again not only a musical masterpiece of sublime beauty and sacral majesty, it also deals with philosophical concerns.
Where “Borders …” was a reflection on the instability of borders and “Disappearing In A Mirror” raised the very personal question of identity, “Shards Of Distant Times explores the liminal areas of the contemporary soundscape that are characterized by the presence of human voice coming from old and timeworn recordings. Like in the auditory pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon in which the mind hears indistinct voices in random noise where none exist, voices and music emerge from the everyday soundscape through the omnipresent internet connected devices, creating glitches between time and space” (ALDINUCCI). 

out now: V.A. – Parakustiks #2

KARL celebrates its cat. no. KR050 and its 13th anniversary with a free download label compilation with selected tracks from albums released after PARAKUSTIKS #1 (KR015 , released in 2014).


1 zeitkratzer & Keiji Haino – Unbegrenzt

2 Iannis Xenakis – Persepolis (Edit)

3 Hans Castrup – Die Klaviatur Des Quadrats #2

4 Nickolas Mohanna – Linear Scheme

5 Hanno Leichtmann – Run

6 Hanno Leichtmann – Flutes

7 Guy Reibel – Fluide

8 Nicolas Wiese – Cuck Rock

9 Laurent De Schepper Trio – Mytikas

10 Tellavision – Unimperative

11 Reinhold Friedl – John Cage: Complete Song Books #34

12 Reinhold Friedl – John Cage: Complete Song Books #28

13 Reinhold Friedl – John Cage: Complete Song Books #33

14 Fret – B14

15 R.A.N. – Sabah

16 Golden Diskó Ship – Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village

17 zeitkratzer, Svetlana Spajic, Dragana Tomić, Obrad Milić – The Battle At Mačkov Kamen

18 Audrey Chen – Heavy

19 Arovane, Porya Hatami – Becoming

20 Giulio Aldinucci – The Skype Cloud And Your Smile On The Left

21 Creta – Babe In The Egg Of Blue

22 Brian Harnetty – Judd

23 Saba Alizâdeh – Fluid


out now: AIDAN BAKER I GARETH DAVIS – Invisible Cities II


Format: 180gr LP / download

Release date: january 24th 2020

AIDAN BAKER (NADJA, B/B/S) and bass clarinetist GARETH DAVIS continue their fruitful collaboration with „Invisible Cities II“ – five new tracks of finest ambient / chamber jazz / subtle drones of a highly meditative quality. Available as 180gr LP and download.

2 years ago, the Canadian guitar player AIDAN BAKER and clarinetist GARETH DAVIS from Belgium released their duo debut „Invisible Cities“ that surprised many by its quiet, even meditative quality. DAVIS had made himself a name in a wide range of fields, from the postrock of A-SUN AMISSA or OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE, new music (PETER ABLINGER, BERNHARD LANG), or experimentation with the likes of ELLIOTT SHARP, MERZBOW or SCANNER, while BAKER is mostly known for his drone / postmetal duo NADJA, but that‘s just one out of several steady projects (e.g.B/B/S with ANDREA BELFI and ERIK SKODVIN aka SVARTE GREINER) and a multitude of solo albums.
On „Invisible Cities“ the duo explored the calmer side of things – from chamber jazz to ambient / drone and back, giving much space and air to breathe to their respective instrument. Subtle guitar drones, sonore clarinet sounds, a sonic scenery of peacefullness and meditative introspection – all this you‘ll also find on the new album „Invisible Cities II“ which is an accomplished continuation and refinement of the duo‘s first collaborative effort from 2018.

Recorded between 2018 and 2019 in Berlin and Amsterdam, mastered and cut at D&M Berlin by KASSIAN TROYER. 



Format: 180gr LP

Release date: 25.10.2019

An engaging and intriguing radio drama by the German poet ULF STOLTERFOHT (directed by IRIS DRÖGEKAMP and THOMAS WEBER) with music by the KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF.

Based on secret messages exchanged by imprisoned Red Army Faction (RAF) members like Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and the rest of the gang, through this radio drama by ULF STOLTERFOHT (winner of several literary prizes), the authors explore the power of names and denominations. Guests making surprise appearances are among others, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Herman Melville, and maybe even Rumpelstiltskin. The play unfolds in a highly unusual setting, weaving a tapestry of references.

The music for this radio play was created by KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF, in their unique and uncategorizable blend of sound drawing inspiration from jazz, folk and electronics.

music by Kammerflimmer Kollektief
(Heike Aumüller – harmonium, Christopher Brunner – drums, Johannes Frisch – double bass, Thomas Weber – electric guitar)
directed by Iris Drögekamp & Thomas Weber
cover photo by Heike Aumüller
mastered & cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin

out now: G.A.M.S. feat. FELIX KUBIN – Lalaland Symbiose + UNPROFESSIONAL RMX

G.A.M.S. feat. Felix Kubin  – Lalaland Symbiose + UNPROFESSIONAL RMX

Format: 7inch / download

Release date: september 27th 2019

2 exclusive tracks not contained on the self-titled G.A.M.S. album:
The Dadaist no-wave track „Lalaland Symbiose“ featuring FELIX KUBIN on vocals + a RMX by the Berlin based Italian producer UNPROFESSIONAL.

Mastered & cut by RASHAD BECKER at D&M Berlin.

out now: G.A.M.S. – dto

G.A.M.S. – dto.

Format: 180gr LP / download

Release date: september 27th 2019

The first album of the new duo G.A.M.S. (ANDI STECHER / drums and GUIDO MÖBIUS / feedback) with special appearances by MICK HARRIS (EX NAPALM DEATH, PAINKILLER, SCORN a.o.) and YUKO MATSUYAMA (HULA HUT & THE SEVEN SEAS).

Feedback leads a life of it’s own. It is an uncontrollable sonic accident, usually ear-numbingly loud but sometimes also delicately ethereal. The essence of feedback is being released from bonds, its path is always one of intensification and escape. Its a physical phenomenon and hard to predict.
The duo G.A.M.S. makes music on the edge of losing control. A restless drummer works his way through waves of feedback, which span the full spectrum of frequencies from pumping bass to the highest tones. With the pulse of the feedback ANDI STECHER’s drumming, at times feverish and driven, then distanced and abstract, creates polyrhythmic structures. What comes into being is a maelstrom of sound and rhythm – music beyond every style, the power of which lies in its rawness.
STECHER and MÖBIUS switch the roles of desired and undesired sound and thereby create pieces like archaic sculptures. Their music is raw and powerful, but can also be soft and etheric. Sometimes it feels like a delicate organic painting. But here’s one thing that G.A.M.S. music certainly isn’t – predictable. The duo uses freely improvised spaces and reacts to unplanned sonic events. And despite all it’s seeming randomness, G.A.M.S. still manage to compose clearly structured pieces and to reconstruct these in their live program.
Through a cut-up technique patterns of feedback sound fragments are juxtaposed and interlocked in varied combinations. These hypnotic loops move between rhythm and melodies, a web that is carried along by a driving drum set, accents of sub-bass and layers of feedback drones.
The playful drum style of ANDI STECHER is far from conventional rock drumming. Instead he experiments with various materials – for instance by preparing his cymbals with chains or putting different objects on the skin of his drums. He makes offbeat meters and complicated grooves sound easy and light. The same goes for changes in timing or dense textures comprising ghost notes. On the other hand he plays straight forward beats dynamically and with power.
STECHER’s partner in G.A.M.S. is GUIDO MÖBIUS who (with the help of a guitar amp, a microphone and effects) creates live feedbacks which can be massive and noisy but also fragile and gentle. Fleeting and concrete sounds join into dense textures. Feedback is never static rather always in a process of change.
Musical guests on the album are ex-NAPALM DEATH drummer and eletronic producer MICK HARRIS (SCORN, FRET) contributing drones and field recordings and the versatile singer YUKO MATSUYAMA (HULA HUT & THE SEVEN SEAS). 

all music played, produced and mixed by G.A.M.S.
G.A.M.S. are Andi Stecher (drums / percussion) & Guido Möbius (feedbacks)
cover artwork by Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva
layout & design by kaidoh
drums recorded by Dirk Dresselhaus at ZONE, Berlin
mastered & cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin